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International Celebrations!

Break out the Fireworks and Champagne! It’s time to celebrate!

With Americans just returning back to the workweek after their July 4th Independence Day celebrations and the French celebrating their 2,068th Birthday today, there are some monumental milestones being celebrated.

Just in sports alone, there are global competitions and comraderies abound. Just in the last month, we’ve wrapped up the international competitions of the French Open, the UEFA Champions League in football, the PGA US Golf Tournament, the 87th 24 Hours of Le Mans, the European Games and other international sporting events. Just yesterday, the American women celebrated their victory of the 2019 FIFA Womens’s World Cup and the Tour de France began!

Currently, in London, the 133rd edition of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship is currently underway, with 864 players representing 69 countries competing on the courts, hoping to bring home a win, personally and for their country. England and Wales are also currently hosting the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

As the year progresses, our international community will continue to come together to celebrate victories, cultivate relationships and make new global memories for the world population to share.

Here at iHAMMS, we would like to celebrate our international partners. We value our partnerships and honor our valuable relationships. It’s a great big, wide world out there, but it’s just a small world after all.


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