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Frequent Flyer Administration Software

iHAMMS Direct

iHAMMS® Direct is a connectivity tool that links airline Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) data directly from hotel data capture systems such as Property Management Systems (PMS),  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software and/or Hotel Loyalty Programs directly to airline FFP programs through the powerful iHAMMS®processing engine.

Using iHAMMS® Direct, a hotel may collect FFP information with existing PMS,  CRM or Loyalty Program interfaces and input data during guest check-in/check-out, and then upload this data for direct connection to any airline FFP program in the world using the exclusive iHAMMS® Direct link.

iHAMMS® Direct makes sending or receiving data easy and straightforward. iHAMMS® support will set-up a unique interface for each participating hotel property for regular data submissions and feedback.
Supported by the powerful iHAMMS® OnLine Administration and Management Control Panel, iHAMMS® Direct is the modern gateway to advanced FFP Program administration. 
The iHAMMS Direct® tool saves hotels money by processing FFP rewards faster and more effectively. Hotels will:

• use existing PMS, CRM or Loyalty systems to process airline rewards

• move vital customer service functions from the back-of-the house to the front-of-the-house

• free up staff from FFP administrative functions and cut labor costs

• improve accuracy and customer service levels

• dramatically increase FFP volume

• decrease airline billing errors
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