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iHAMMS Recon

Frequent Flyer Management Software

HAMMS® Accounting and Reconciliation Services couldn't be easier.  Your hotels collect the data and provide us with a consolidated data file of customer stays, and iHAMMS® does all the rest - from establishing eligible rate codes and  calculating promotions,  to validating every mile and point awarded as well as reconciling the related partner invoices for all rewards processed through the system.

While many hotels have systems in place that collect stay data and base/bonus information, most systems do not offer the very important "back-end" function of accounting reconciliation of invoices with each loyalty partner.  Our systems can save your hotel money.

The iHAMMS®  system allows us to take your compiled data, split the data apart by hotel property and airline/loyalty partner, reconcile every transaction by airline/partner, and return fully reconciled data to you.   Each transaction is reconciled with each airline or car rental company by our automated connectivity and accounting systems.  Loyalty providers are not banks, and thus errors do occur.

Airline and Car Rental Partner Invoice Validation & Reconciliation: The often complex, difficult to understand airline and car rental invoices are validated and corrected for accuracy and completeness to eliminate over-billing and other common accounting errors. This function also provides breakouts by hotel property to aid in the pass-thru billing process for chains.
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Easy in-house billing support: This customized accounting service takes compiled and reconciled FFP data, sorts and summarizes by participating hotel property, and creates a reporting bridge to merge seamlessly to existing hotel billing systems.  Features include VAT Tax Calculations, currency conversions and individual audit files for each record.  Learn more about this service here. 
Airline and Car Rental partnership participation invoices for each hotel will be validated for accuracy and completeness to eliminate over-billings and other partner errors. Additionally, hotel staff may inquire online as to the status of customer transactions & confirm actual posting dates for awards.
Comprehensive array of standard reports with easy user controlled filters for individual customization
  • Guest rewards inquiry with error correction capability
  • Special Promotions setup and administration
  • Property set-up and user administration tools
  • Built in System Bulletin User communication tool
  • Airline FFP Program Invoice Validation Support
  • Hotel Billing System Integration options for participating hotel properties
iHAMMS® currently features connectivity with over 50 of the world's major airline FFP programs. We continue to add new loyalty programs to the system on a regular basis, at our hotel client's request.
Contact us today and allow us to enhance your rewards program's profitability by providing this important service. We are the world's leader in providing hotel loyalty partner accounting reconciliation services.
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