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Reward Your Guests, Their Loyalty Depend


Control Panel

iHAMMS® OnLine lets hotels control their own input, correct and verify their own data and generate their own custom reports. 
Input data is immediately validated with each Airline and Loyalty Program while guest mileage/point rewards are calculated, including any special promotions. Prior guest awards are also returned for better customer service.
iHAMMS® OnLine also serves as the overall control panel for complete Airline and Loyalty Partnership Provider Administration, Management, and Reporting.
Data Capture
iHAMMS® provides several easy data capture tools of hotel stay information, frequent flyer program (FFP) information for airlines, as well as other loyalty partner data (i.e. car rental companies, credit card providers, etc.)  Data may be captured directly from hotel property management systems (PMS), CRM or Loyalty Systems,  or via one of the advanced web-based tools .  iHAMMS®  is the industry's first system providing instant Internet data capture, editing and verification system of hotel stay information for airline frequent flyer programs.

For multi-national operations, iHAMMS® employs built-in, daily updated currency conversion to enable the capture and reporting of room rate and folio revenue in local or selected currency denominations for mileage/point calculations based upon folio or room rates as well as Reporting in selectable currencies.
Simplified Hotel Staff Training
iHAMMS® provides standardized functions and procedures for all airline promotional partners, simplifying hotel staff FFP training and making it less costly. Training is further supported by the "always-on" Training mode selector in iHAMMS® OnLine, which allows system Users to practice and use all system functions in a duplicate non- production database. The unique Web-based data capture facilities in iHAMMS® allow new airline FFP partners to be quickly brought online without any changes to hotel staff FFP administration procedures. New FFP programs simply appear in the FFP drop down selector box.

Database Administration
iHAMMS® tracks, administers, and manages hotel chain and property stay data for promotions with airline frequent flyer programs. The online database administration module provides easy to use menu-driven controls for hierarchal administration of chain and property configurations, hotel branding or regional partitioning, special promotion set-up,  and new user preferences.
Automated Special Promotions
iHAMMS® provides hotel chains and their properties with advanced automated promotion control features. Promotions are set-up and automatically configured at the chain level, property level, or both simultaneously with multiple airlines. Promotions may be engaged by many variable parameters, including date range and length of stay, rate or revenue based, optional or mandatory, etc... Promotional miles can be assigned a flat number of extra miles or a multiple of the base mileage amount (double or triple mileage, for example), or any combination thereof. The iHAMMS® promotion calculating engine is continually updated to include new types of promotional configurations as they occur in the marketplace.

Participating Property Invoicing
The iHAMMS® invoicing module provides for automatic billing of mileage and/or administrative fees to individual hotel properties for their participation in chain sponsored airline FFP programs. Using this module, iHAMMS® Support staff customize files/reports to integrate with hotel general office billing systems thus greatly simplifying the billing and accounting for FFP activity at participating properties.
Reconciliation and Airline Billing Validation
iHAMMS® provides for built-in, automatic reconciliation of awarded mileage sent to airlines. This reconciliation process helps ensure that hotel guests receive their mileage awards in a timely fashion, thereby reducing customer service costs. Records in error are corrected automatically as updated information becomes available. iHAMMS® also helps ensure that hotels do not pay for mileage that was not posted correctly by the airlines.  With iHAMMS®, the normally cumbersome and largely manual airline billing reconciliation process is greatly simplified and far more accurate.
On-Demand and Custom Reporting
iHAMMS® provides an array of standard reports and generated files that are presented in detail or summary fashion to assist hotel properties and hotel chain management in tracking mileage transaction submissions and postings to airlines. All reports can be quickly customized to meet other specifications using simple user controlled online filtering switches.
  •  Comprehensive array of standard reports with easy user controlled filters for individual customization
  •  Guest rewards inquiry with error correction capability
  •  Special Promotions setup and administration
  •  Property set-up and user administration tools
  •  Built in System Bulletin User communication tool
  •  Airline FFP Program Invoice Validation Support
  •  Hotel Billing System Integration options for participating hotel properties
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