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iHAMMS Report Center

FFP Data Collection Services

iHAMMS Software features a comprehensive array of On-Demand and Customized Reporting options.  Make sure your Airline and other Loyalty Partnerships are the best they can be by understanding what works, and what needs improvement.


Data Entry Report

Data Entry Error Report

Hotel Stay Activity Report

Hotel Transaction Activity Report

Partner Transaction Activity Report


All On-Demand reports have multiple filters which allow them to be created by Brand, Region or Property and are available for download in both PDF and CSV formats. Reports can also provide total folio spend by property (in local currency).  


iHAMMS® VITALS CUSTOM REPORTS are a valuable statistics package, consisting of reports that will easily give you the bottom line snapshot of how your FFP and other loyalty partners are performing. When you subscribe to the Vitals package, you'll receive the following customized reports on a monthly, recurring basis:

iHAMMS® Volume Report

  • FFP and loyalty partner transaction data is broken down by property and airline/loyalty partner, sorted by largest to smallest overall volume per property.​

iHAMMS® No Activity Report

  • Easily identify properties that have not used the iHAMMS system for the previous month. Data is separated by properties that have been assigned users and those that need users set-up.

iHAMMS® Promotion Performance Report

  • Individualized and customized Promotion Performance reports will be generated for all active promotions to ensure maximizing the efficiency and reach of each active promotion.

iHAMMS® Transaction Summary Report

  • Airline FFP and Loyalty Partner Transaction History Report which tracks cumulative years' trends by partner.


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Corporate reporting automatically converts customer spend to the preferred corporate currency.

Each report is branded for your hotel chain and includes an annual Summary Report with a rolling total so you can clearly identify cumulative trends to allow you the most current information available to assist you in managing your partners marketing programs and promotions.

Keep your eye on the bottom line every month to ensure your hotel group is maximizing the potential with every loyalty partner.  Rely on the iHAMMS® Vitals Statistics Standard Report Package to ensure your hotel is maximizing every marketing channel.​


• Define current strengths and identify improvements
• Correlate FFP rewards to total folio amount
• Measure promotional campaigns to ensure positive effectiveness


• Ensure data collection, processing, marketing, accounting & reconciliation are maximized

• Determine where to spend marketing dollars for maximum return

• Define Goal Setting
• Control Future Growth
• Exercise actionable intelligence and make relevant business decisions with certainty

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  • Fully automated accounting file delivery on a monthly schedule

  • Automates the creation of hotel invoices for FFP mileage and other loyalty partner participation fees

  • All variables at property level allow for maximum flexibility

  • Automated currency conversions

  • Automated calculation of VAT tax

  • Individual property audit files with each accounting file delivery ensures accurate invoicing




  • Validation and reconciliation of airline, car rental and other loyalty partner invoices for programs that provide backup

  • Loyalty partners are not banks, and as such billing errors occur 

  • We saved one client over 10,000 USD in a single incorrect billing

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