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Connecting Airlines to Hotels for Almost 30 Years - The Birth of Marker InfoComm

So many places to go and so many fabulous things to see in this world! Marker InfoComm has been an industry leader for almost 30 years - bringing hotels and airlines together to reward their loyal guests.

Our President and CEO, Kirk Stephens, was an executive with American Airlines "back in the day".... when American had a clever marketing idea. "Let's offer miles to our passengers that they can save and redeem for a free flight... and let's run the program for 6 months." It was May of 1981 and it was a great plan! So great, in fact, that TWA and United Airlines started their own loyalty programs within that 6 month period and the Frequent Flyer Mileage Industry was born.

Growth in the new airline loyalty business was so fast that Kirk opted to leave American and start his own company - and one of his first clients was none other than American Airlines. Marker took American's rudimentary data processing platform called AAIM and upgraded it to an online environment back in a time when magnetic card readers and tapes were the data processing norm. The software that Marker developed for American grew into a very robust system called AAPOS which is still the basis for the processing platform American uses today.

Marker has since gone on to create the iHAMMS (International Hotel Airline Mileage Management System) software designed specifically for hotels to manage their frequent flyer programs. Today the iHAMMS software connects over 3,000 hotels with over 50 airlines worldwide.

To say Marker has been there since the beginning is an understatement. Let our experienced staff help you manage your FFP data processing needs and build you something unique, or use our off-the-shelf solutions. No matter the size of your group - large or small - Marker has a solution for you!


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