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You've Got Miles!

You’ve Got Miles!

Remember the old AOL email days when we would log on to our email account and hear that glorious sound, followed by the announcement that “You’ve Got Mail!”? In those days, most email was relevant, or at least solicited. We weren’t inundated with loads of spam so getting mail was a thing to rejoice. That AOL sound went on to become a cultural phenomenon.

Now, imagine that today when it comes to rewarding your guests. Your guest checks in at your property, you let the guest know that you have a Frequent Flyer Program and identify your airline partners, then you announce “You’ve Got Miles!” Your guest squeals in delight because after all, this is great news, who doesn’t want Frequent Flyer Miles? It’s music to their ears and now you’re the phenomenon!

But, wait..there’s one small problem. You don’t have an FFP program. No worries! We got you covered. All customers of iHAMMS® will receive the following valuable services and benefits:

  • iHAMMS® OnLine - Manage all FFP activities from one, simple Control Panel customized for your hotel

  • iHAMMS® Direct - Export data from PMS or CRM systems directly to airline partners

  • iHAMMS® FrontDesk - Employ optional card swipe technology at your Front Desk check-in stations

  • iHAMMS® Recon - Reconcile all FFP functions, including transactions, promotions and invoices

  • iHAMMS® Report Center – Receive and run ad-hoc or customized FFP accounting and data reports

And if you already have an FFP program, we can streamline your processing and save you money on administration overhead costs.

See a full list of our GLOBAL FFP products and FFP solutions on our Products page on

Contact us today for a free consultation so we can help you KEEP YOUR GUESTS LOYAL.


Offices: Orlando | Los Angeles

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