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We Celebrate International Camaraderie

Today, as the world watches top athletes from nations across the globe march in unison to open the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, we at Marker InfoComm Inc, developers of the iHAMMS Systems, International Hotel Airline Mile Management Systems CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL CAMARADERIE.

While the Olympic games will showcase competitions of more than 11,000 athletes from over from 206 countries, we salute the friendly unison of international togetherness. To our credit, we celebrate each of our relationships with hotel clients based in various cities on all continents, including beautiful Rio De Janeiro. These valuable clients have over 3,000 properties, located in just about every corner on the globe.

So, with that, this international company would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to all our international friends, athletes, staff and volunteers alike for a Joyful, Successful and Safe 2016 Olympic Games!

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