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As you may know, we are the World’s leading provider of Frequent Flyer Management Software connecting over 3,000 hotels to nearly 50 airlines. iHAMMS®, our flagship product, International Hotel Airline Mile Management System, is cloud-based and is the answer to your loyalty needs. We can merge seamlessly with your hotel systems and you can reward your guests with ease!

We offer the following FFP Suite of Solutions:

iHAMMS® OnLine · iHAMMS® FrontDesk · iHAMMS® Direct · iHAMMS® Reconciliation Services · iHAMMS® Assist · iHAMMS® Report Center

iHAMMS® FFP Suite of Software solutions can assist with the following:

Start a NEW Frequent Flyer Program -or- Outsource Management of your EXISTING Frequent Flyer Program by bridging your customer’s data directly to your airline partners.

All customers of iHAMMS® will receive the following valuable services and benefits:

  • iHAMMS® OnLine - Manage all FFP activities from one, simple Control Panel customized for your hotel

  • iHAMMS® Direct - Export data from PMS or CRM systems directly to airline partners

  • iHAMMS® FrontDesk - Employ optional card swipe technology at your Front Desk check-in stations

  • iHAMMS® Recon - Reconcile all FFP functions, including transactions, promotions and invoices

  • iHAMMS® Report Center – Receive and run ad-hoc or customized FFP accounting and data reports

See a full list of our FFP products and solutions on our Products page on

Let’s grow together.

TRUST the software that can make that happen.

To learn more about iHAMMS products and services, please contact us today for a free consultation so we can help you KEEP YOUR GUESTS LOYAL.


Offices: Orlando | Los Angeles

Cloud-Managed FFP

Increase Loyalty.

Refine Processes.

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