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The Cloud is a Real Place.

We have a saying around here.

“When you trust the Cloud, the Sky’s the Limit”

Our iHAMMS (International Hotel Airline Mileage Management System) data resides in the cloud. But, rest assured…this is our very own, PRIVATE cloud. We keep it very secure. The doors and windows are always double-locked. Because the cloud isn’t some floating misty space above our heads. It's a real, physical infrastructure that is housed in our own, state-of-the-art data center.

In the mainframe days of the past, users would log onto a “dumb terminal” to access the processing power of the mainframe that a multitude of other computers were connected to. Then we got “smarter” and all had our own personal computers and servers. But things broke and data was lost. Now, in essence, we are back to the days of the old, with a new twist. Brilliantly, we are globally sharing in a network of infrastructures and data centers to do all that heavy lifting.

Despite garnering so much attention and interest in the IT marketplace, the topic of “the cloud” continues to generate some skepticism. As organizations develop their own cloud strategies and learn about the new breed of purpose-built cloud technologies, their customers need to understand that their data is safe and all transactions are secure. We want our customers to know we’ve built our IT cloud architecture from the ground up with extreme care. Security measures and ensuring our customers and their guests that their data is risk-free and safe with us has always been the first order of business. iHAMMS Servers use updated SSL security for all URLs used for collection of data. All system users must access the system with User Names and Passwords that are regularly changed by mandatory system generated change requests. So there is no need to worry. You are safe under our protection.

Secure YOUR safe spot in OUR cloud.

To learn more about iHAMMS services, please contact us today for a free consultation so we can help YOU keep YOUR guests LOYAL.


Offices: Orlando | Los Angeles

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