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iHAMMS® is the World Leader in providing state-of-the-art Frequent Flyer Software that provides connectivity tools for hotel administration of airline Frequent Flyer Programs (FFP's) and other loyalty initiatives.  Over 3,000 hotels worldwide easily connect with nearly 50 airlines using iHAMMS® specialized tools to award airline miles to guests.

iHAMMS®  is a suite of data capture and processing solutions specifically designed for hotels to use one common system platform for easy management and administration of airline FFP mileage reward partnership programs.  The iHAMMS®  system is also able to interface with other loyalty partners such as car rental companies and credit card processing companies to combine data into a single platform for reporting purposes.

iHAMMS®  products allow hotels to move vital customer service functions from the back of the house to the front of the house.  Hotels can dramatically increase FFP volume and customer service levels with new technology - all while freeing up back office staff from FFP administrative functions.

iHAMMS® powerful airline miles tools work either with or around existing, in-house Property Management Systems (PMS) and CRM Loyalty Programs. iHAMMS® hi-tech software operates around legacy systems and solves platform disparity problems by presenting one way for hotels to collect data while providing connection to any airline in the world.

FFP connectivity is provided through several advanced iHAMMS®  Suite of Software Solutions tools.  All connectivity and administrative tools connect to the robust iHAMMS® database storing millions of airline validated FFP numbers.  Connected to the powerful online promotions calculation engine, the tools award accurate mileage and points for their qualified customer hotel stays.

For back-end reporting, the built-in reconciliation and accounting platform keeps track of every transaction sent to airline FFP programs ensuring easily managed hotel property billing, as well as accurately validated airline invoices ensuring that all airline miles rewarded are accounted for properly.  Enhanced connectivity is available to interface directly with the hotel's accounting platform to automatically generate fully reconciled hotel FFP participation invoices.

All iHAMMS® tools provide .Net technology, double-redundant database management security, and sophisticated reporting for swift and accurate accounting, FFP program management, reconciliation, and processing of Frequent Flyer Program information and rewarding of airline miles.

HAMMS Suite of Solutions


HAMMS Suite of Solutions


Frequent Flyer Program Management Software
Start an FFP Program
Hotel and Airline Software
iHAMMS® OnLine

A Web-Based FFP Data Collection

 Tool and Control Panel

iHAMMS® AutoBill

Automated Property Billing File for FFP Participation

iHAMMS® Direct 

FFP Connectivity Tool Linking to PMS, CRM & Loyalty Systems

Frequent Flyer Accounting Software
FFP Accounting and Reconciliation
International Hotel Airline Mileage Management System
iHAMMS® Report Center

On-Demand and Custom

Reporting Features

iHAMMS® Assist

Allow Our Staff to Become

Your Staff

iHAMMS® Recon

Customized Accounting, Billing and Reconciliation Services


FFP Software


Frequent Flyer Software


FFP Data Services






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