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When Your Data is MISSION CRITICAL, Trust the FFP Software that SUPPORTS the Operation....Introducin

So, you have a Frequent Flyer Program. You love it because your guests love it. But, how well is it performing across the board? Are all properties in your chain using the program effectively? Are your chosen airline partners the right ones for your guests’ needs? Which properties are the top performers in offering their guests FFP rewards? Are users at each property logging in and processing rewards for their guests or is there some site maintenance required? Over time, what transaction trends exist? These are all very good questions and ones often not easily answered by hotel chain management. So, how can you monitor the health of your FFP Programs?

iHAMMS® Vitals to the rescue!

iHAMMS® Vitals is a standard reporting package, branded for your hotel chain, that will easily identify at a quick glance all these answers and more. The basic iHAMMS Vitals report package consists of three reports CRUCIAL to knowing how your FFP program is working.

The three basic reports and their functions are:

  1. iHAMMS® Monthly Volume Report - Monthly FFP transaction data broken down by property and airline partner, sorted by largest to smallest overall volume per property.

  2. iHAMMS® Transaction Summary Report - Airline FFP Transaction History Report which tracks cumulative year’s trends by airline.

  3. iHAMMS® No Activity Report - Easily identify properties that have not used the iHAMMS system for the previous month. Data is separated by properties that have assigned users and those that need users set-up

So, don’t leave anything to risk.

Subscribe to iHAMMS® Vital Statistics package if you are a current customer and consider us if you’d like to start a new program and take advantage of this new feature so things can really take off!

See a full list of our GLOBAL FFP products and solutions on our Products page on

Contact us today for a free consultation so we can help you KEEP YOUR GUESTS LOYAL.


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