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We Go There.

So, here’s a fun fact about our flagship FFP software, iHAMMS, International Hotel Airline Mile Management System. We are globe-trotting trend-setters.

We have hotel customers among many nations, all connected directly to us so they can keep their guests happy with Frequent Flyer Rewards and Loyalty Perks. This makes us the International Concierge of Loyalty if you will. We have set the standard for Frequent Flyer Program management as the world’s largest independent software provider, connecting over 3,000 hotels to over 50 airlines all across the globe.

iHAMMS can also convert your currency to any denomination you wish if you have properties in various countries. We have multiple data collection tools and will work with your international hotels to ensure the fastest and easiest way to award mileage – whether through your PMS, CRM, Loyalty Program or using an online data entry portal – we will customize a solution that fits your worldwide organization the best.

So, no matter where you are, no matter where your guests go, WE GO THERE TOO.

See a full list of our FFP products and solutions on our Products page on

To learn more about iHAMMS products and services, please contact us today for a free consultation so we can help you keep your guests loyal.


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